October 2022 Newsletter
What does a far-right government in Italy mean for asylum seekers and migrants? — MPG’s Carmine Conte interviewed by The New Humanitarian

Following the unprecedented electoral victory of Georgia Meloni’s Fratelli d’Italia party, The New Humanitarian has published an article wherein it asks "what a far-right government in Italy means for asylum seekers and migrants".

In order to help answer this question, the author interviewed MPG’s Carmine Conte, who is quoted multiple times throughout.

First, providing an overview of what migrants can expect, Conte states that:
“[with the] new Italian government we are going towards hostile, anti-migrant policies on the same level as Salvini [in 2018/2019].” However, Ukrainians who have escaped the Russian invasion will likely be exempt from this hardline approach, exemplifying a double standard seen across Europe.
Out now — the first issue of the 2022 European Equality Law Review

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MIPEX cited in a CTV News report on Canada’s ageist migration policies

MIPEX has been cited in a CTV News report on Canada’s integration policies. Although Canada ranks fourth in the index, the report highlights how its migration policies prioritise applicants based on age.

According to CTV News, even in cases where someone meets the immigration qualifications required by the Canadian government, they might be ruled out on account of their age.

MPG begins new project focusing on integration policies at the local level

September 2022: MPG has just begun a new project that aims to benefit migrants, in particular Ukrainian refugees, at the local level by developing workable integration policies for municipalities through research and international cooperation.

The project, titled ‘Migrants’ Integration Through Education (MINTE)’, will be carried out in the Czech Republic, Poland and Israel, with the objective of improving municipal policies on welcoming and living with migrants.

Moreover, the digital competencies of migrants will be analysed through research aimed at better understanding how municipalities should provide information and communicate effectively with migrants.
MIPEX cited in news outlet ‘Heute’ on the difficulties faced by migrants in obtaining citizenship in Austria

MIPEX has been cited in an article by the news outlet Heute regarding how Austria is one of the most difficult countries to acquire citizenship.

According to the article, a third of Viennese do not have Austrian citizenship, approximately 604,435 people.

Under the headline “Desire to Acquire Austrian Citizenship”, the article refers to a study that shows that some migrants are hesitant to obtain Austrian citizenship.

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