November 2022 Newsletter
Why reinvent the wheel? Adapting existing integration good practices to new contexts

As part of the SprINg project, the Migration Policy Group — in collaboration with the project’s partners — has created a video to provide insights into the initiative and how it can benefit integration practitioners.

This video, the first of four, takes a look at integration practices across the EU and beyond. In particular, it highlights how practitioners are often forced to ‘reinvent the wheel’ — creating entirely new integration practices from scratch.

It then explains how the SprINg initiative aims to change this by empowering partitioners to identify, adapt, upscale, or downscale promising existing practices to their specific contexts.

Explaining migrant integration policies: A comparative study across 56 countries

As part of the HumMingBird project, Giacomo Solano and David De Coninck have published a new academic paper exploring the main factors associated with integration policies at the national level in Western and non-Western countries.

Among several factors, they found that more inclusive migrant integration policies are associated with a higher number of asylum applications and refugees.
How can good integration practices be transferred or upscaled? Read SprINg’s latest analysis — out now!

For decades, governments and practitioners have been creating and running integration practices for migrants and refugees within Europe.

However, rather than creating brand new practices each time, to what extent are pre-existing ‘good’ practices transferred between regions and countries?

The Good Practice Transfer Analysis, created by the Migration Policy Group as part of the SprINg project, we explore if, how, and where good practices are transferred within Europe.
MIPEX mentioned in an opinion article in The Washington Post on the worsening situation for migrants in the US

MIPEX has been mentioned in an opinion article in The Washington Post analysing the worsening situation for migrants in the US.

The article explains that even though the US ranks in the top ten countries of the MIPEX ranking since 2019, its score has fallen by two points due to an increase in inclusive migration policies in other countries, such as the United Kingdom and Canada.

According to the article, the Trump administration made it harder for persons trying to migrate to the US, while other countries became more tolerant and open to migrants.
New project (with thanks to the Robert Bosch Stiftung): Tackling structural and institutional racism in 8 EU Member States

MPG is pleased to announce that — with thanks to the Robert Bosch Stiftung — it will commence work on an innovative new project aiming to facilitate evidence-based policymaking and identify the gaps in addressing structural and institutional racism in 8 EU Member States.

The project, entitled ‘Tackling structural and institutional racism in 8 EU Member States’, is the latest addition to MPG’s portfolio of research in the area of anti-discrimination.

Are you MPG's next Communications Volunteer?

For our external communication actions, MPG is looking for an engaged, social media-savvy volunteer that will support our Communications Manager with the implementation of our Communications Strategy.

If you are looking to gain experience with a well-established and recognised organisation in the field of anti-discrimination, migration and integration, this volunteer opportunity is for you!

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