5 country reports, online events to rewatch and a brand new podcast episode
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    October 2023 Newsletter


October has been another productive month at the Migration Policy Group. As part of our New Europeans Initiative, we organised a webinar on barriers to participation and a workshop on get-out-the-vote campaigning. Today we're also publishing the second episode of our 'Changing the Table' podcast which dives into how we can make elections inclusive.

But there's more. The first five 2023 country reports on national non-discrimination law of European countries have been published.

MPG also convened its long-standing EU27 partners and DG HOME officers at the 12th Editorial Meeting for the European Website on Integration (EWSI) in Brussels.

And as usual, we also have the latest MIPEX citations listed for you.

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Changing the Table podcast episode 2 - How do we make elections inclusive?

In this second episode of Changing the Table, we explore the right to vote and barriers to exercising this right in the context of the upcoming 2024 EU elections. We are joined by Dr Sinem Yilmaz, integration policy analyst at Migration Policy Group, author of an upcoming policy brief produced by MPG on electoral mobilization, and Ieva Langaite, a music therapist at UZ Brussels, who shares her experiences as an EU mobile citizen.

First five country reports on non-discrimination law of 2023 are published

Looking for an update on major developments in national non-discrimination law of European countries in 2023? The European Network of Legal Experts in Gender Equality and Non-discrimination has just published the first 5 (of 27) non-discrimination country reports assessing the level of transposition and implementation of both the Racial Equality and Employment Equality Directives on the national level.
EWSI Editorial Meeting convenes in Brussels

On September 27th and 28th, MPG welcomed its long-standing EU27 partners and DG HOME officers at the 12th Editorial Meeting for the European Website on Integration (EWSI) in Brussels.The EWSI website, which MPG manages for the European Commission (EC), is an increasingly popular resource for integration stakeholders. We are pleased our work on EWSI, alongside our partners, informs and promotes the EU’s work on integration initiatives, including in key strategic integration areas covered by the EU’s Action plan on integration and inclusion.

Rewatch our two recent online events on political and civic participation of New Europeans

Online workshop on how to get out the vote of New Europeans in the 2024 EU elections?

To make European democracy inclusive, the votes of New Europeans are crucial. On October 24th, we held a New Europeans Initiative workshop that delved into the barriers that keep New Europeans from voting. MPG and other stakeholders shared their recommendations on what works in get-out-the-vote campaigning aimed at people with diverse migrant backgrounds. If you were unable to attend the workshop, or simply want to rewatch it, it has been recorded for your convenience.
Webinar on overcoming barriers to civic and political participation

The meaningful, comprehensive participation of migrant stakeholders is essential to effective and democratic policymaking. This webinar of the New Europeans Initiative examined the obstacles that stand in the way of the civic and political participation of New Europeans, and discussed the possibilities that exist for closing the participation gap.
This Month's MIPEX Citations

The Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX) is a unique tool which measures integration policies in 56 countries across 8 policy areas. It provides up-to-date, comprehensive research data and analysis on which to base policies, proposals for change and projects.

Here are this month's MIPEX citations:

  • “How Can The Effective Integration Of Immigrants In Spain Be Achieved?” by Siham Zebda published in PEACE & SECURITY – PAIX ET SÉCURITÉ INTERNATIONALES: EuroMediterranean Journal of International Law and International Relations.
  • “Political participation of immigrants in Ireland: from integration to participation. A case-study of Cork City by Martin Galvin, Naomi Masheti, Ciara O’Halloran, Denis Linehan, and Hugo Santi, published by UNIC.


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